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Desperate Working Mommas
Your one-stop site for fanatical television snarking, questionable political analysis, occasional attempts to address the parenting issues facing working mothers, and halfhearted promises to stop obsessing about the entertainment industry, already! Oh, not to mention the random bitching and moaning. There's always that.
Monday, April 04, 2005
And you thought my degree was in Education. HA!

I feel icky and uninspired today. I got the blahs, y'all. BLAH.

Maybe it's because last night my dad called to say hello and chat for a bit, then just as we were saying our goodbyes he threw in, almost as an afterthought, "By the way, Grandpa's in the hospital. He's in bad shape. The doctor's say his body's shutting down. We'll keep you informed. Mm-kay, buh-bye, hon."

So, parents? Are weird. I would have thought that this little piece of information would deserve top billing, but no, no, and no. No? Honestly. I know, I know, my parents don't want me to (air-quote) worry (un-air-quote). Nice try!

Puh-lease. Give me some credit, people. My props, yo? 'Cause, see, Worrying? Is what I DO. I excell at Worrying. In fact, I got my Master's degree in Worrying. I'm a licensed, bona fide Worrywart. So, yes, icky and uninspired, that is me. Throw in some gastrointestinal distress, if you like. Yes, as a matter of fact, by all means do. Because here I sit, Worrying.

Worrying that my mamacita and her brother and sisters are worried, too.
Worrying that my cell phone doesn't have service in the building.
Worrying that I should have given my parents my direct line.
Worrying that I should have gone to visit for Easter.
Worrying that Grandma is freaking the hell out.
Worrying that Grandpa is going to die.


link | posted by Cat at 11:11 AM

Blogger Snickrsnack Katie commented:

Sorry to hear about your grandpa. I know how tough that is. And parents can be very weird. You are not alone!

» 4/04/2005 9:38 AM 
Anonymous kalki commented:

You are also not alone in the Worrying. I, too, excel at Worrying. Hmm, maybe our Education degrees transformed when we stopped teaching.

I hope everything turns out for the best, whatever that may be.

» 4/04/2005 9:59 AM 
Blogger Random and Odd commented:

Now I am worried for you.


Your blog friends will take some worry for you okay?

» 4/04/2005 10:00 AM 
Blogger Greenthumb commented:

Are we siblings? Serious...my dad is the exact same way. Either that or a week later after there was a service I find out that so and so moved on to the big blue yonder.

What's up with that? It's the worry thing that's what. They know me well enough that I would totally get myself tied up in knots.

Hang in there...I'm sorry for you news. Here's hoping for the best for all.

» 4/04/2005 1:12 PM 
Blogger Shaun commented:

I think I signed up for the 1pm-5pm worry shift. Kristine, check the schedule for me, would ya?

Hope everything works out ok, Cat. Try not to worry.

» 4/04/2005 1:46 PM 
Anonymous mrtl commented:

Don't people realize that not giving you details is worse than the images our minds will conjure, that avoiding talking about something doesn't make it go away?Of course you're going to worry under these circumstances.

I'm sorry.

» 4/04/2005 4:51 PM 
Anonymous Becky commented:

So sorry to hear about your grandpa. Your family will be in my thoughts...

» 4/04/2005 11:30 PM 

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