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Desperate Working Mommas
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Tuesday, May 02, 2006
You throw in a candy bar and you've got yourself a problem.

You know what's crazier than a child hopped up on a sugary, caffeinated beverage? A child who THINKS she's hopped up on a sugary, caffeinated beverage. Allow me to illustrate... it looks a little something like this:

Alli: (running in circles) Aaaahhhhh! Oooooooh! I'm CRAZY!

Cat: Oh LORD, did you give her Mountain Dew again?

Alli: (bouncing up and down) Woooo! Wheeeeeeeee! Yyayayayayaya!

TGIM: I swear, I only gave her a tiny sip--

Alli: (executing near perfect swan dive onto living room couch): Hummana hummana! Ha! Ha ha ha ha ha! HOO! Didja see that, momma! Lookit! I'll do it again! Wheeeeeeeeeeee!

TGIM: (shouting to be heard over Wheeeee!-ing) Allison, you cannot be that hyper from just one sip of Mountain Dew! It isn't possible!

Alli: (stopping in tracks) Really?

T.D.: DUH!

Hannah: DUH!... Wait, you can't?

Allison: Oh...

Allison shrugs and walks calmly out of the room.

Cat/TGIM: ...?

link | posted by Cat at 1:13 PM

Blogger Julie Julie Bo Boolie commented:

Ah yes.. you just GOTTA love them.. because if you didn't who else would? ;)

» 5/02/2006 1:20 PM 
Blogger not-so-normal mom commented:

Awesome!!!!! I remember my Child Development professor telling the class, "Sugar does not cause hyperactivity in children." And I was like, HUH???? Then I realized, they are just so darn giddy with the joy of candy! Very cute, Cat!

» 5/02/2006 2:22 PM 
Blogger Charlotte in Pa commented:

Ha! The power of suggestion! I love how TGYM was all trying to cover his tracks so you didn't blame it on him. Funny man! Tonight's AI should be interesting... 2 songs each. I am so excited for some reason! (It's probably because I'm hoping that Katharine.. pardon me, KAT's boobs will make another appearance. HELLO!?!) Looking forward to the recap...

» 5/02/2006 3:21 PM 
Blogger Big Heavy commented:


» 5/02/2006 5:32 PM 
Blogger Odd Mix commented:

It's the placebo effect.

» 5/02/2006 10:36 PM 
Blogger Circus Kelli commented:

LOL That's SO funny!

» 5/03/2006 6:56 AM 
Anonymous kalki commented:

Love it.

» 5/03/2006 9:14 PM 

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