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Desperate Working Mommas
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Thursday, September 29, 2005
Veronica Mars: Normal is the "watchword"? BAH! Give me LoVe!

Rob Thomas giveth (Logan was at the door!)... and Rob Thomas TAKETH AWAY (Logan reverts to Obligatory Psychotic Jackass! Again! So DUMPED.)! The classic bait and switch, y'all. I totally called it, when everyone and their dog kept referring to Veronica's boyfriend as, well, "your boyfriend" instead of saying his name, but still. What a tease.

Man, I could hardly breathe throughout that entire episode which, while heavy-handed in the voice-over and flashback department, still packed a HEFTY punch, I tell you what. I was alternately laughing hysterically, almost in tears, and literally (no, really) banging my head against the wall. You know, when Logan hopped into bed with Whoredelia? (I loves me some Charisma!) GAH. They sure crammed a ton of information into one little episode. It seemed a little, I don't know... rushed? They totally did that with the pilot episode, too, so even though I think some of it could have been stretched over into the next few episodes, I still have high hopes for a KILLER season.


Deputy Leo!

"Seniors RULE!"

Keith: "What, no premarital sex?"
Veronica: "Oh, yeah. Yes. But don't worry, Dad - I swear you're going to like these guys."

"Where's my turkey pot pie, woman?!" (Gotta love Daddy Mars...)

Veronica: "Can you think of anyone who doesn't like you?"
Wallace: "Well, there's the Klan..."

Logan's worried "five more minutes" gesture and accompanying "I'm in love with you."

"Also, pinching your own nipples works sometimes..." (Classic.)

OPJ Logan, who incidentally rocked the best use of a prop pillow EVER. Ha!

Stoner Meg ("Let's go, let's go! L - E - T- S ....???")

Stoner Wallace rockin' the Jamaican, man.

"Can Dick and Beaver come out to play?" (Hee! How do they get AWAY with these lines? Sure, those are Logan's friends' actual names, but still. And the dirty little hand gesture with Dick at the pool? OMG. I was APPALLED when I realized what that meant! EW! Logan, you skanky little man-ho, you!)

All of Dick's lines.

Lilly "saving" Veronica.

The Shock and Awe of the Yellow Submarine.

Poor Meg... bitch. (Will she haunt Veronica now?)


Veronica and Duncan! (SPEW. Boring, much? And what's romantic about STALKING?! Huh? Nothing, that's what! Now I realize Veronica just wants her "normal" life back, but ARGH! DONUT?! You can't go back, sistah-friend! You can never go back. Yeah, I give that relationship two or three more episodes, TOPS.)

PCHers going all Lord of the Dance atop Logan's head at the bridge.

Guttenburg's DAUGHTER! Mia? Gia? Whatev? Blech! Please let her be murdered or something at some point. You know, early on in the season? Super duper early? PUHLEEEEEZ.

OPJ Logan, burning down a community center (BUT, did he really? Dun, dun, DUN...).

Still, WOW. I am so very glad it's back.

Breaking down the Mystery(s):

Who killed Felix? Why? To spark a class war? Revenge? What? And does Weevil know?

Who murdered everybody(?) on the Yellow Submarine of Death? Why? Why did the bus smell? Is that important? Who were they trying to kill? Veronica? Annoying Journalism Teacher? Poor, not-so-saintly-anymore Meg? Who?!

Will Aaron Echolls be convicted for Lilly's murder and his attempted murder of Veronica, or will he get off a la OJ Simpson? Will we get to see the trial? Oh, I so want to see the trial.

Will Logan redeem himself? Please? Pretty please with sugar on top? And a cherry? Mmm. Hungry.

Yeah, so all in all it was a'ight, yo?

Pure Speculation (I am unspoiled!):
My guess: Whordelia wants the Casablanca money, somehow rigged (had someone rig) the bus, and spent the afternoon boinking Logan to establish an alibi. How you like them apples, eh?... It could happen!!

Right, then...
Is it Wednesday yet?

link | posted by Cat at 7:01 AM

Blogger mrtl commented:

The bus smell? Dick was sitting behind Duncan and VM - it was a joke.

What's the hand gesture mean? I still had the episode taped, and looked, but didn't recognize it.

Great review! (I liked the pinched nipple thing, too. UGH)

» 9/29/2005 11:39 AM 
Blogger Cat commented:

If it was a joke about V/D (way appropriate, no?), why did Dick then hire a limo and INVITE THEM? Hmm?

I am serious. It's a WAY dirty gesture. CRUDE. I don't know how it made it past censors!(WARNING: Do NOT read any further if you want to remain pure and unjaded) It's called The Shocker, AKA: "Two in the Pink with One in the Stink" "Two in the Coot with One in the Boot" "Going to Town with One in the Brown"... Are you getting my drift?

Yep. Dirty boys.

» 9/29/2005 11:48 AM 
Blogger mrtl commented:

Good point on the Dick limo. hmmmm...

And the hand gesture. That's just... ew.

» 9/29/2005 1:23 PM 
Blogger Cat commented:


» 9/29/2005 1:52 PM 

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