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Desperate Working Mommas
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Thursday, May 04, 2006
"Do or do not... there is no try."

Okay, when you instigate an uprising of obsessive Veronica Mars fans on TWoP who are desperate to see Veronica Mars make the transition to the new CW network from UPN for a third season, you know you've officially crossed over from Casual Viewer to Crazy Lady With No Social Life Whatsoever Whose Computer Her Husband Keeps Threatening To Take So She Will Come Downstairs And Eat Dinner.

Nevertheless, I feel so, SO proud. I sounded the alarm and set the ball rolling, and a few SUPER organized, FREAKISHLY aggressive fans took control of our baby, and we nurtured it, and loved it, and squeezed it, and called it "George," and just look what it has turned into... just LOOK!:

TWoP VM FANS Press Release

A large, dedicated group of Veronica Mars fans is pulling out all the stops to support the show's move to the new CW network.

Their efforts include:

* Raising over $4000 - in just 4 days - from fans on the Television Without Pity and other various fan website.

* Using a portion of these funds to purchase DVDs of Veronica Mars' first season to be donated to libraries in major TV markets across the country.

* Encouraging fans who want to help to donate DVDs to their hometown libraries (so far 30 sets have been donated and received).

* Sending Veronica Mars-inspired t-shirts, care packages, and floral bouquets to decision makers at the CW, its parent companies, and influential people in the media.

But the group's biggest effort is ensuring that on Tuesday, May 9, the day of the Veronica Mars Season 2 Finale, "CW" will stand for something entirely different: Cloud Watchers.

* During the morning and afternoon rush hours, an airplane will fly the skies between the UPN offices in Los Angeles and the future site of the CW headquarters, showing network officials the way to their new home in Burbank. And on that day, should those in charge of the fictional private eye's future look to the skies for guidance, the message from her fans will be clear: "RENEW VERONICA MARS! CW 2006!

Yeah. We're scary.

Originally I suggested we have a cluster of skydivers parachute in a "VM" formation right into the grounds of the future CW network site while wearing "Veronica Mars Is Smarter Than Me" t-shirts and singing the Veronica Mars theme song We Used to Be Friends at the top of their lungs, but come on... that's just showing off. Plus, have you ever tried to sing while parachuting? Trust me. It can't be done.

But I guess the fly-by is almost as cool, so whatev.

Anyhoos, the plane dragging our banner will fly for two hours in the morning (8-10am) and two hours in the afternoon (4-6pm) on Tuesday, May 9th, the date of the Veronica Mars finale. The flight will run from the UPN offices in Los Angeles, up Highway 405 to the new CW offices in Burbank (and loop back). SWEET.

Plus, we're totally going all Full Metal Jacket on the people we feel are in a position to save Veronica Mars: the entertainment media and the network decision makers. In tonight's mail (for delivery tomorrow), we are sending 35 key people care packages that contain a letter of recommendation from Veronica's guidance counselor; Hearst College t-shirts, hats, and pom-poms; information about the plane's flight plan and binoculars... you know, all the better to Look to the Skies on Tuesday? Eh? Eh?! Are we good or what?!

So, yeah. As you must now realize, I've completely lost my grip on reality. But don't worry, I'm not going to fill my pockets with rocks and jump off the nearest cliff or anything crazy like that if Veronica Mars is not renewed for a third season. I'll just cry like a big old bawl baby and lose all faith in the entertainment industry. And probably feel the need to consume large quantities of assorted pastries. I mean, honestly. American Idol is trying my patience as it is. Straw? Camel's back? You know the rest.

... You're mocking me, aren't you?

link | posted by Cat at 11:12 AM

Blogger Nilbo commented:

We're not laughing AT you, dear. We're laughing NEAR you.

» 5/04/2006 1:36 PM 
Blogger Charlotte in Pa commented:

Sue will be gone all day on Saturday to speak at a conference. You'll be pleased to know that I have secured the first season of Veronica Mars to keep me busy while she's gone...

» 5/04/2006 2:24 PM 
Blogger Odd Mix commented:

Now, Cat! You know your loyal readers would never mock you... much.

» 5/04/2006 8:42 PM 
Blogger LadyBug commented:

I'm...ummm...I'm a little worried about you, Cat.

» 5/05/2006 7:43 AM 
Blogger Circus Kelli commented:


Way to go, Cat!

» 5/05/2006 8:09 AM 
Blogger NatGo commented:

I love that you are using your powers for good instead of evil. Keep up the good work, and GOOD LUCK!

» 5/05/2006 12:57 PM 
Blogger Random and Odd commented:

I can't. I mean..mock you.

I was a letter writer/spear header for "My So-Called Life".

We flooded ABC's phone lines and jammed the servers with our emails to save it.
We sent letters/postcards/picketted.

Seriously...we did all there was to do except fly a plane in front of the building....oh yeah, YOU ARE A FREAK!!

;) Good luck. It's heartbreaking when something you spend MONTHS AND MONTHS trying to accomplish becomes kaput.

I love Claire Danes, Jared Leto and all the cast and hope them all the luck... it's been almost 10 years and I STILL want to know who she ended up with?

Jordan or Brian.

Fucking Network execs!!

» 5/05/2006 3:27 PM 
Blogger medea commented:

You rock! You are what the rest of us wish we could be, instead of idly standing by.

» 5/06/2006 2:33 AM 

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