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Desperate Working Mommas
Your one-stop site for fanatical television snarking, questionable political analysis, occasional attempts to address the parenting issues facing working mothers, and halfhearted promises to stop obsessing about the entertainment industry, already! Oh, not to mention the random bitching and moaning. There's always that.
Saturday, July 09, 2005
Constantine is TOUCHING MY BOOBS! (tm Kalki)

Lookit! Lookit!
A mysterious package, addressed to Cat Maroulis, arrived in the mail today, y'all!
I am the happiest gal alive.
My Secret Greek Idol Luvah!
Mrtl, you ROCK.

luvah 1

luvah 2
Oh yes! The Smoldering Idol! "Let's rock this!"

luvah 3
"Rawr! This is how you remind me of what I really am! Ki-YAH!" (TGIM missed my classic Connie crouch-landing. Freak.)

link | posted by Cat at 8:59 AM

Blogger Cat commented:

Testing, testing!

» 7/09/2005 9:23 AM 
Blogger mrtl commented:


» 7/09/2005 9:44 AM 
Anonymous kalki commented:

OMG I LOVE IT!!!!! And you are so damn cute, Cat! We do definitely need to pow-wow now. Heh, pow wow now pow wow now. Rhymes.

» 7/09/2005 12:34 PM 
Blogger not-so-normal mom commented:

oh so cute!!!!!!

» 7/09/2005 9:53 PM 
Blogger Cat commented:

Kalki, you're a silly one. And now I HAVE A DREAM!:
Constantine is touching my boobs!
Constantine is touching my boobs!
Constantine is touching my boobs!
Constantine is touching my boobs!
Constantine is touching my boobs!
(COME ON, Google!! Gimmee SOMETHING!)

» 7/10/2005 6:22 AM 
Blogger Amy commented:

How fricckin cuhot (cute and hot) are you in your new shirt?

» 7/10/2005 6:26 AM 
Blogger Bente commented:

Oh wow, lucky you. Too bad TGYM didn't catch the special landing! Who wouldn't want to see those skills?

» 7/10/2005 7:17 AM 
Blogger Cat commented:

I KNOW, right?!
Mad crouch-landing skillz...

» 7/10/2005 10:24 AM 
Blogger john boy commented:

Oh, wow. I can't believe I haven't come across you before. Too fun. Where has Kalki been hiding you? lol

» 7/10/2005 10:48 AM 
Blogger Random and Odd commented:

John boy...You've never been here before? OH GOD YOU NEED TO START FROM THE FIRST POST AND CATCH UP!!

Cat is my hero!!

BUt you know that this shirt is going to start Shaun on a whole new rampage.

*sigh* i'm sorry girl.

I love it when MRTL sends stuff. The name on my package was thee best thus far.

» 7/10/2005 11:03 AM 
Blogger Cat commented:

Wow. That's one funny-looking foot, yo? Never noticed that.


» 7/10/2005 12:34 PM 
Blogger Shaun commented:

Oh. My. God. (shaking my head disappointingly)

Cat, you're off your medication again, aren't you? How are Constantine shirts even available? Do you get one free with a tank of gas in New Jersey or something?

» 7/10/2005 1:27 PM 
Blogger mrtl commented:

p.s. The eyebrows are fabulous!

» 7/10/2005 4:08 PM 
Blogger Circus Kelli commented:

YOU are such a cutie, Cat! Great foot, by the way. :)

I am totally feeling like your exact opposite today -- old, dumpy, tired -- not bright-eyed and fiercely fun and adorable like you! :)

» 7/11/2005 7:45 AM 
Blogger Greenthumb commented:

You are a kick ass lil' freak aren't you.

» 7/12/2005 12:32 PM 
Blogger Cat commented:

Damn straight, Green man...

» 7/12/2005 3:02 PM 

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