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Desperate Working Mommas
Your one-stop site for fanatical television snarking, questionable political analysis, occasional attempts to address the parenting issues facing working mothers, and halfhearted promises to stop obsessing about the entertainment industry, already! Oh, not to mention the random bitching and moaning. There's always that.
Tuesday, July 12, 2005
Knock, Knock, Knock on Wood, Baby.

Hey, psssst...

Okay, I don't want to jinx this, but I needed some exciting news after enduring an entire day at the Capitol participating in a Staff Officer Training Public Policy Seminar, where I learned all about the secret inner workings of Congress (woo!), and how much of an uphill climb the congressional minority members have (wah!), and how bills become law (even though I already knew all that because, duh! I totally grew up watching School House Rock during Saturday morning cartoons, hello!), and oh, how things are going to hell in a frickin' handbasket, yo? Good times. Tomorrow I get to go back and observe an actual committee meeting. On Capitol Hill. With actual Congressman. Homeland Security Committee, I think. Dudes. I'm stoked. Maybe I'll see a filibuster! No? They don't do that in committee? Well, damn it.

Oooooh! Did you know that Strom Thurmond once filibustered a civil rights bill for 24 hours and 18 minutes, stopping only when the Senate physician threatened to drag him from the floor? Longest filibuster in Senate history. I know, right?! I totally didn't either! I hear he hit the sauna the day before to flush out ALL his fluids, you know what I'm sayin'? TMI? Whatev. I could take him. Just give me a microphone and a quorum, baby.

Hmmm. I should mention that ol' Strom later DID walk away from his opposition to civil rights. Just so you know.

But anywho, the exciting news I don't want to jinx:


Something I wrote-- me, Cat, ME!-- has been selected for publication in The Washington Post! And they are going to PAY ME! Actual MONEY! And they want my PICTURE! Which, hey, is scary, but whatev. It's their readership at stake.

I'm totally wearing my Constantine t-shirt.

Imagine. Being paid for THIS.
Too cool.

Now I'll just sit on back here, knock on wood, and wait for my blog buddy Shaun to tell me he's playing a practical joke...

link | posted by Cat at 3:14 PM

Blogger Nessa commented:

****SQUEAL**** That is sooo cool! Will you send me a copy of the Post?

» 7/12/2005 3:48 PM 
Anonymous Aaron commented:

Like you could beat Strom... You have to pee every ten minutes.

» 7/12/2005 3:50 PM 
Anonymous kalki commented:

Nuh-freakin-UH! Cat, OMG, that is like the coolest thing I have heard all week. Okay fine, all month.

I am so proud of you, girl! And insanely jealous. But mostly proud!

(ps - Hee hee to what Aaron said. And same is true for me.)

» 7/12/2005 4:31 PM 
Blogger not-so-normal mom commented:

Woo hoo! Yipee! You rock! Ramma Lamma Ding Dong! Hippie Hippie Shake!High Five! Okay, enough of my exclamations of congrats! Really, what a great thing to happen to you! Wow, are you so pleased with yourself? Okay, I've always wanted to say this to another adult....Are you pleased as punch? (really, what does that even mean?)I would be. Really, pat yourself on the back. Oh, and the Constantine shirt, totally. I think you should make that face in the picture...the excited rocker face...totally!

» 7/12/2005 4:44 PM 
Blogger Cat commented:

NSN Mom, I am totally practicing that face RIGHT NOW. And, why, yes I AM pleased as Punch (an idiom which has something to do with those creepy old British puppets, Punch and Judy, BTW. Short for Punchinello. I'm fun at dinner parties.) Thanks for asking.

And Kalki, I am totally offended by Aaron's comments. I can totally hold my pee. Um, unless I drink something. Duh.

SillyN: Absofreakinglutely! I will obviously be wallpapering my living room with multiple clippings of my piece, so I imagine I should have one left over. Probably.

» 7/12/2005 5:08 PM 
Blogger KC commented:


How exciting! I want to read it too - the Post has an online version too, no?

» 7/12/2005 6:04 PM 
Blogger Amy commented:


Is the piece from your blog? Or something you wrote for that paper and submitted?

» 7/12/2005 7:45 PM 
Blogger Ern commented:

That is so cool! Very exciting!

» 7/12/2005 8:01 PM 
Blogger mrtl commented:

That is so awesome!! Make sure to tell us when the Post article comes out.

Congrats, girlfriend!

» 7/12/2005 8:16 PM 
Blogger Shaun commented:

Congrats Cat!!!

Be sure to delete the 'duh's and 'huh's' first.

» 7/12/2005 9:35 PM 
Blogger Bente commented:

Oh wow! Congratulations Cat! I hope you scan the article and put it on here, I'd really like to see it.

» 7/12/2005 10:49 PM 
Anonymous Di commented:

Good job Cat!

» 7/12/2005 11:59 PM 
Blogger WILLIAM commented:

Woodward, Burnstein and now Cat. That rocks. Will you go to jail because you won't reveal your source for the article?

» 7/13/2005 6:00 AM 
Blogger Vajana commented:

Wow Cat that is really fantastic news! I am so fascinated by you--let me know when the article comes out. Then I can clip it out and my husband can again go on and on about my blogging life taking over my 'real' life and how I don't even know these people and....oh but it is such great news!!!!

Is it an article on how to best interpret Italian dance songs?

» 7/13/2005 6:38 AM 
Blogger Circus Kelli commented:

Cat! That's AWESOME!!! WOOO!

» 7/13/2005 8:47 AM 
Blogger Charlotte in Pa commented:

Congrats, Cat! Sue has been interviewed by the Washington Post twice, but has never been PUBLISHED. How exciting! Your School House Rock reference reminded me of a fun CD I just got. Go here http://www.paulandstorm.com/sounds.htm and listen to the clip from "Epithets" (about the 6th one down on the page) Funny, funny stuff. (PS - "The Ballad of Eddie Praeger" is pretty hilarious, too... if you'd like to hear an ode to a urinal cake sung in the stylings of Gordon Lightfoot - and seriously - who wouldn't?)

» 7/13/2005 7:38 PM 

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