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Desperate Working Mommas
Your one-stop site for fanatical television snarking, questionable political analysis, occasional attempts to address the parenting issues facing working mothers, and halfhearted promises to stop obsessing about the entertainment industry, already! Oh, not to mention the random bitching and moaning. There's always that.
Friday, May 20, 2005
Meetings, Meetings, Meetings!

YOU know how it is... their mouths are moving, but all I hear is "Blah, blah, BLAH."
However, I did just score a personal best of 1454 (Edited: 1800! Take THAT, TGIM!) while covertly playing Jawbreaker on my PDA! Woo!

Seriously. Is it 3:00 yet?

link | posted by Cat at 7:47 AM

Blogger KC commented:

Wow, you're good. You just described every day at my job.

» 5/20/2005 12:52 PM 
Anonymous kalki commented:

Speaking of meetings....YAY I get to meet you!! :)

» 5/20/2005 1:29 PM 
Blogger Cat commented:

One desperate working momma, one Klogger called Kalki, and one mrtl! Woot woot! Pah-TAY!

» 5/20/2005 1:36 PM 

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