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Desperate Working Mommas
Your one-stop site for fanatical television snarking, questionable political analysis, occasional attempts to address the parenting issues facing working mothers, and halfhearted promises to stop obsessing about the entertainment industry, already! Oh, not to mention the random bitching and moaning. There's always that.
Friday, May 13, 2005
Validation OR Yes, I AM Needy

So, you guys? Like, this morning? When my boss poked his head into my cubicle and asked if I could come and visit with him for a few minutes? I admit to a few moments of intense apprehension. Like, gonna find out if breakfast is tasty the second time around apprehension. Seriously! I hadn't done anything... as far as I knew... So why did I suddenly feel so panicky? Hmmm... Guilty conscience? Not that I should feel guilty about anything. I just always seem to. Feel guilty, that is. Ask anyone. They will tell you. They will say, "Oh yes! Cat always feels guilty." (I would blame my religious upbringing, but then I'd just feel guilty.) It's a burden, I'll admit it, but what can you do?

Anywhos, my boss collared another co-worker along the way, and we both sort of did the eyebrow raise, shrug our shoulders thing, and followed him. As any who suffer from a chronic guilty conscience will realize, my stomach at this point was veering into dangerous territory. Yep. Not feeling so hot. It was The Walk of Shame.

Then, as we rounded the corner to his office, I saw the rest of the staff standing around, many shuffling their feet, looking at least as confused as us, if not more.

Wait. Was I getting fired? In front of everyone? Were we all getting fired? Or was this a surprise party? Did I miss the email again?! Would there be donuts?

A colleague approached me and was able to get out, "So, was it the Quick Walk or the Fun Ru--?" before my boss "Ssssssshhhhhed!" her.

Oh. BOY.

At this moment, the organizer of the Big Event yesterday (at which I seized a seemingly empty victory, "personal best" be damned!) popped out of his office and made a small speech about So and So going down in history as the official winner of yesterday's race, yada yada yada, something about me being the True Winner, blah, blahdy, blah, and then do you know what he did? Huh?! Do you?! HUH?! Oh, yes. He handed me a TROPHY.

OMG, y'all. O! M! G!

And then, guess what? There was applause! And the cute little trophy! And back slapping! Even high fiving! And THE TROPHY! Did I mention the cute little trophy? I did? Yes?

Oh. Okay. But it's way cute. The trophy. SUPER cute, even. And it's mine.


Aaaaw, SNAP, guys!! I honestly work with the nicest people. And doggone it, people like me.

So yo, yo, yo, dawgs, check it out. Here I am with my brand spankin' new Federal Fitness Day 1st Place Runner trophy. WINNAH!


link | posted by Cat at 9:07 AM

Blogger Mike commented:

You kill me sometimes. Your blog seems to give me a chuckle just when I need it most. Thanks.

» 5/13/2005 9:32 AM 
Blogger KC commented:

Cat - I'm so happy for you!

Did you thank all the little people who made it possible?

Do you think I'll get a trophy for being the fastest member of my office to get to the muffins the vendors bring in the mornings?

» 5/13/2005 11:18 AM 
Blogger Weetzie commented:

You SOOOOO deserved that trophy! =)

» 5/13/2005 4:21 PM 
Blogger Greenthumb commented:

O! M! G! (LOL)

I'm full on LMAO this morning and I owe it all to you and that spanky looking trophy. Sweetie, you are priceless.

» 5/14/2005 9:08 AM 
Anonymous kalki commented:

You go, girl! Cat ROCKS.

» 5/14/2005 12:52 PM 
Blogger mrtl commented:

Did they let you take a victory lap around the office? Did they carry you around on their shoulders? Did they crown you with laurels?

... yeah, I know, the trophy is better. It gives you the total Booyah in yo face edge.

You go girl!

» 5/14/2005 1:05 PM 

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