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Desperate Working Mommas
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Thursday, June 16, 2005
Control Your Freaking Hair!

In order to make life much more bearable this summer-- what with the swimming all day and the playing out in the wind and sun and and the sweating and the tendency their hair has to get all tangly and such, and the girls' subsequent proclivity towards shrieking and crying and utterly refusing to let me comb out said hair to get it under some semblance of freaking control-- Hannah Mack and Alli Tater grudgingly agreed to the dreaded "Summer Cut."

In the chairs:

summer cut 1

summer cut 2

Aaaaaaaw! The cuteness!:

summer cut 3

Confession: I actually took a pair of scissors to Alli's head when we got home and attempted to cut it a TAD shorter. I don't know why. I may have been a bit overzealous in my attempt, as I slipped and sliced open my hand pretty early on (damn those SUPER sharp haircutting scissors! DAMN THEM!) and had to cut things short (woo! crazy pun lady! making funny puns! or not so funny! but clever! or not so clever! whatever!). So, um, crazy curly hair = good, if you have zero experience layering and cutting. Just so you know.

Regardless, we are all pretty pleased with the end results.

Mack strutted around a bit and told me she thinks her hair is "super cute!" (TGIM has since asked me to stop using the word "Super!" around the children.) Alli thinks she looks like a boy. I assured her with a heartfelt, "But a CUTE little boy!"

After some posing and preening in front of the mirror, they had a joint epiphany and ran over to beg me to buy them some super cute matching clothes so they could be identical twins and confound all their friends and schoolmates. I freely admit that I vetoed this idea, much to their dismay. I mean, come on. We all know they were just fishing for new clothes. And matching pink flip-flops. Nice try, girlies. Nice try.

In related news, TD got a buzz cut. We like to rub his head and coo, "Fuuuuuuuuuzzzzzzzzzy!" Apparently, so do many of the girls in his class at school. So, as far as summer-cut satisfaction goes, it's all good in the TDosphere. Oh, yes.

Long live the summer cuts, y'all!

link | posted by Cat at 7:44 AM

Blogger Bente commented:

Awww, super cute hair alright! It's winter here and I'll be getting my "I put it off way too long and any season will do cut" this week.

» 6/16/2005 6:52 AM 
Blogger Cat commented:

Seriously, Bente, what a reality check! It's totally WINTER in The Land Down Under! How bizarre is it to see all these exuberant posts about the joys of summertime when you are slogging around in the cold? Or is it not very cold? Exactly how severe are winters in Australia anyway? Anyone?

I guess, as you are Canadian (right?), it is probably not all that weird, but still...

» 6/16/2005 7:09 AM 
Blogger Circus Kelli commented:

Hee! What cutie-pies! Super Cuties! :)

I never take a scissor to my kids' hair. I'm just not that brave. :)

» 6/16/2005 7:10 AM 
Blogger Greenthumb commented:

LOL! Super cute is right, but that's just a true statement no matter what. They are freakin' adorable.

» 6/16/2005 9:00 AM 
Blogger ieatcrayonz commented:

So darling! Unfortunately I'm trying to grow out my Baywatch hair for my 10 year reunion next year. I may have a summer cut soon if this heat keeps it up.

» 6/16/2005 12:30 PM 
Blogger Cat commented:

Oooooh, intriguing! What exactly is "Baywatch hair"?! Can I Google that? (*hurries over to Google to try it out...*)

» 6/16/2005 12:35 PM 
Blogger Bente commented:

I enjoy winter here, the temp sits in the low to mid teens (celcius). I was never much for summer, even in Canada. There are parts of Australia (mountains, a few hours from me) where it snows, and they have a ski resort. For the most part, however, Australian winters are pretty mild in comparison to over there.

» 6/16/2005 7:08 PM 
Blogger Charlotte in Pa commented:

I'm a sucker, but you should TOTALLY buy them matching outfits. Soon their hormones will kick in and they'll fight over clothes and want little to do with each other. Enjoy it while you can! (Plus, you have to appreciate their ingenuity in working you for the flipflops. That's awfully advanced in the art of manipulation!)

» 6/16/2005 7:41 PM 
Blogger Cat commented:

CK: More like, "I'm just not that stupid!"

Greenie: Well, Harlow ain't so bad herself... and thanks!

ieatcrayonzzzzzzzzz: I Googled "Baywatch hair" and got nada! bupkis! nothin'! Damn it!

Charlotte: Ohmygawsh, you are SO right. Those little stinkers. It WAS funny, and I do admire their ingenuity. Don't hate; appreciate! Gotcha.

» 6/16/2005 7:59 PM 
Blogger Annejelynn commented:

summer haircuts are always essential until about age 14

» 6/17/2005 2:57 PM 

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