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Desperate Working Mommas
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Monday, June 13, 2005
He "Beat It"!

Has anyone said "Holy shit!" yet?

If not, "Holy shit."

I know, I know... but there is a vast difference between a person being guilty of a crime, and proving beyond a reasonable doubt that a person is guilty of a crime.

Don't misunderstand. I believe in the jury system. I believe in our justice system. For the most part. But you will never convince me-- based on his past actions, the past allegations against him, and his tendency to seek out the companionship of young, troubled boys-- that Michael Jackson is not guilty of exactly what he was charged with. And kudos to him; he chose the perfect victim, as the good little pedophile invariably will. No credibility in that family whatsoever. Who's going to believe a family full of liars when they actually tell the truth? Especially when that truth involves the sexual misdeeds of a fabulously rich, much-lauded, international singing sensation?

I mean, come ON. Pet llamas? "Jesus Juice"? "Barber-pole penis"? "Get me some Vaseline, and I mean STAT!"? Who makes this stuff up? Hmmm?

Wow. Think I'll break out a can of Jesus Juice and toast this memorable day in history. Cheers.

link | posted by Cat at 6:00 PM

Anonymous Di commented:

Ditto! Who are these jurors? Where did they find these people? I mean who hasn't heard of Michael Jackson and the alligations and general weirdness that surrounds him? How do you find "peers" for such a freak of nature? Oh well...He's guilty in my book. And so is O.J. for that matter.

» 6/13/2005 4:49 PM 
Blogger Susie commented:

I saw at Kristine's that you mentioned "the news," and knew you'd have something to say about this. Un-freakin'-believable. And you are SO right about the fact that these people being liars, and dysfunctional, etc., is what makes the stories MORE believable. Predators don't prey on the accomplished, the confident, the secure. Why is that so hard for people to get? Reminds me of the Kobe Bryant case. Using the fact that the victim had been treated for mental disorders. I fear it's open season on littles at Mike's house now. God help them.

» 6/13/2005 6:20 PM 
Blogger Bente commented:

I read about this insanity here before I saw it in the on-line newspaper. I don't even know what to say, I can't believe he got away with it. Well, I can I suppose since so many celebrities get away with stuff.

» 6/13/2005 6:24 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous commented:

Thank goodness he got off. That manipulative little crippled child made up the story about the barber pole and the Jesus juice. AND his mother sent him in to MJ's bed just so he would get molested and she could collect tons of money. I think she did pretty well. She did get her boy molested. Now lets see about the money. Good thing Californians have all the sense.

» 6/13/2005 7:44 PM 
Anonymous kalki commented:

Rob read the "Jackson cleared on all counts" headline to me and, swear to google, the first thing I said was "Holy shit! Nuh-UH!"

That shit ain't right, it's not.

» 6/13/2005 8:06 PM 
Blogger WILLIAM commented:

I now hear that Jackson is looking for a place in Orlando. I have always said that Florida is the molester state and now he may be moving there. Probably right by Disney where he will have an unlimited amount of children to choose from.

» 6/14/2005 5:55 AM 

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