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Desperate Working Mommas
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Thursday, November 17, 2005
Veronica Mars Validation!

She's getting shout-outs from the comics!
Wow. That's big, y'all. BIG.

Favorite quotes of the evening

Gia (to Sex Ed teacher): (holding up a card that reads 'chlamydia')"Isn't this a flower? I think it grows on the trellis outside my beach house."
Veronica: "Your trellis is a whore!"

Oh! and...

Kendall: "Doesn't this mean anything to you?"
Logan: "It does. It means I'm getting laid and I owe your village a goat.... I'm sorry-- did that hurt your feeling?"

Hee. And the singular "feeling" is not a typo, y'all.

Oh, how much do I heart THIS SHOW?!
So, SO much, that's how... much!

link | posted by Cat at 10:50 AM

Anonymous kalki commented:

"Your trellis is a whore!"
"I owe your village a goat."

Love it. And now I'm going to go mourn the fact that I live in a black tv-less hole never to be graced by the likes of Veronica Mars.

» 11/17/2005 12:34 PM 
Blogger Cat commented:

Aaaah, but there is this wonderful world of torrents... and Netflix! Woo!

I forgot this one: "Bessie, when the milk stops being free, I stop drinking!"

» 11/17/2005 1:17 PM 
Blogger Magnolia commented:

Yet again, VM proves that it can cover storylines that are creepy and dark (this ep was all kinds of dark, yo), and still, it manages to be laugh-out-loud funny, week in and week out. Funnier than most sitcoms.

So many funny lines. The writers must crack themselves up coming up with stuff for Logan in particular.

» 11/18/2005 9:30 PM 

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