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Desperate Working Mommas
Your one-stop site for fanatical television snarking, questionable political analysis, occasional attempts to address the parenting issues facing working mothers, and halfhearted promises to stop obsessing about the entertainment industry, already! Oh, not to mention the random bitching and moaning. There's always that.
Tuesday, June 06, 2006
Tell me about it... stud.

On a whim I bought a DVD copy of the musical Grease (only five dollars! bargain!) and brought it home to watch. With my kids. Because Grease is the Word, y'all! And the music it brings forth is its raison d'etre! I mean, be serious. How can anyone resist thirty-year-old high school seniors singing the oldies, which were-- let's face it-- essentially 70's disco-inspired, tecnho-ized songs masquerading as 50's rock? Not me, that's who!

I know, right? What was I thinking?

In my defense, as a child I was so enthralled with the singing and dancing that the sexual innuendo went right over my head. Who can blame me for assuming my kids would have the same experience? Which by and large they did, naturally.

I, however, had to leave the room because I kept giggling during especially sordid scenes (not so much at the tawdry, puerile humor, but at the thought of my parents allowing me to watch this movie as a child, which... ironic?) and I thought it best to skedaddle so I wouldn't have to keep choking out "Nothing!" every time my kids asked, "What's so funny, Momma?"

After the movie my six-year-old burst into my room, out of breath, excited, her mouth running away with her in her haste to express her personal assessment and insightful review of Grease.

"And then... at the end... he fell in love with her... because she got all skinny and cool, and she came up to him and was, like, you know... smokin' and stuff... and she was all shaking her booty and singing with him..."


"... and then this car came flying..."

"... no, seriously, back up..."

"...and they drove, I mean flew, away, into the clouds, and--"



"So... you liked the movie?"

She nodded vigorously.

"And you think smoking made Sandy..." I paused and employed air-quotes for emphasis, "... cool?"

"Well, um... she was in those real tight black clothes and she put on lots of makeup and stuff and was pretty so she was, you know... cool!" On my look, she hastily added, "But not the smoking part! That was NOT cool! No way!" She looked at my face and added, with accompanying facial gestures, "Smoking? Ew! Yuck!"

As she bounded away I realized that my youngest daughter, while as predicted oblivious to the sexual innuendo, had successfully deciphered an underlying message I completely missed as a child. She realized that even though Danny was willing to step up and make positive changes to his hoodlum ways-- even lettering in varsity track & field and e'rything!-- it was ultimately Sandy's transformation from sweet, innocent teen to tawdry, leather-clad S&M goddess-- complete with dangling cigarette and skanky 'do-- that won her the guy.

And Alli, my baby, thought that was "cool."

Oh, good lord. You see? DO you? Honestly. What are they teaching kids in school these days? Huh? How do my young, sheltered children grasp these things? Hello? My kids should be able to watch sexually suggestive musicals like Grease and Moulin Rouge-- hell, even classics like GiGi and My Fair Lady!-- innocently oblivious to the sordid, tawdry nature of the storylines, right? Right?! What is up with that?! It's un-American, that's what it is! GOSH.

Seriously. I've got chills. They're multiplying.


It's electrifying.

link | posted by Cat at 11:17 AM

Blogger Odd Mix commented:

"Oooo, Oooo, Ooooo."

My parents only took us to Grease after much bribing with extra good deeds on our part. I think I had to read three "good" books before they would take me. How onerous.

But smoking? Ewww. Yuck.

» 6/06/2006 12:37 PM 
Blogger Well-heeled mom commented:

When she said "smokin" I thought she meant hot, not smoking cigarettes.

» 6/06/2006 12:51 PM 
Blogger WILLIAM commented:

Did she get the lesson about not being a beauty school drop out?

» 6/06/2006 1:15 PM 
Blogger Charlotte in Pa commented:

You SO should've gone with "High School Musical." Nothing objectionable there. Well, except for the overt cheesiness. But it's kind of endearing.

» 6/06/2006 3:02 PM 
Blogger Cat commented:

Odd Mix: You had me at "onerous."
Well-heeled Mom: Hee! Well, I wouldn't put it past her, but that's one slang word she hasn't picked up yet. Man, I must be slacking...
William: As usual, you crack me right up. And yes, I'm pretty sure she learned the importance of staying in high school, and is now armed with the sure knowledge that a hickey from Kenickie is like a Hallmark card...

» 6/06/2006 3:05 PM 
Blogger Cat commented:

Charlotte, I've been trying to rent that all week! Is it fun? I've heard it's fun. Fun = good. Event overtly cheery fun. But then again, I WAS a cheerleader, so there you go...

And does anyone know who the hell Joanna is and why she feels the need to come and make strange remarks in my comment section? Because annoying?

» 6/06/2006 3:13 PM 
Blogger Misty commented:

ok but she did not get all skinny--she was skinny from the beginning! (Don't want her thinking getting skinny made him want her either!:) LOL
I LOVED Grease. I saw it so many times I cannot count..I sang into hairbrushes to the record on my STEREO (record PLAYER)..and wanted to be HER..and now? Now Olivia Newton John's boyfriend is missing but sighted in Mexico..escaping debt etc. (shaking my head) I am glad to be me now. lol

» 6/06/2006 4:38 PM 
Blogger Random and Odd commented:


you mean to tell me that even YOU think the skanky is what really won him over? REWIND THE TAPE MISSY!

He was all, "no, look...i'm all about sandy.." and he was all geeked up ready to find her and show him he was ready to be all into her the way she wanted.

THEN SHE SKANKED OUT and he was all..."yeah, i'm gunna get me some." and he thought it was all okay to be thinking of her in the skanky way and he tossed his 'good intentions' and followed her lead.

You should be teaching your girls that they stay true to who they are and they will get the person they deserve like Sandy deserved the good Danny, and ALMOST had him, but she caved so she's probably pregnant and drinking Gin and Tonics and smoking some Virginia Slims.


Way too much time on my hands and GIRL YOU GET ME ALL WORKED UP!

» 6/06/2006 5:27 PM 
Blogger Misty commented:

And I think Ace Young has a bit of John Travolta look to him..
But I love John Travolta ten times better..When I was in highschool I was the good girl and did have a long haired motorcycle riding guy who had a crush on me..Though I never did turn to smoking lol

» 6/06/2006 6:36 PM 
Blogger Cat commented:

GAH! Kristine! Breeeeeeeeathe...

Gin and Tonics... (*shakes head affectionately*) you crack me up, girlfriend. And hey, I MENTIONED that he lettered in a Varsity sport! But then she was all "Tell me about it, stud," and he was all "Uh! Uh UH!" and then "RAAAWR!" So there you go.

Misty, TGIM totally called the Travolta in Ace almost immediately and I was all, "OMG! True dat!" If I weren't so lazy, I'd look back at my recaps and pintpoint the exact date, but, you know... the laziness?

» 6/06/2006 6:46 PM 
Blogger Charlotte in Pa commented:

Cat, it's everything you could dream of and more. Your kids will L-O-V-E it! (especially if you get the sing-a-long or dance-a-long versions) It's worth the $19.99. I'm giving you a money back guarantee.

» 6/06/2006 8:01 PM 
Blogger Nilbo commented:

So ... virginal girl turns into skank to attract boy ...? And this is ... what, wrong ...? Sorry, not getting it. 'splain, please.

I remember first bringing that movie home for my daughter - she was in grade three or something. And I had to pause the goddamn movie and explain what was meant by "lousy with virginity". Yeah, good times. Thanks, my darling "I have to go to the bathroom, good luck with that" wife.

Oh, and ... it's "SHAZAM"

» 6/06/2006 9:40 PM 
Blogger Cat commented:

What?! It's "Shazam"?! Fo' rizzle?
Well, huh. Dizam.

» 6/06/2006 10:02 PM 
Blogger Vajana commented:

ok, first of all I recommended High school musical SEVERAL months ago, and you STILL have not seen it? What. The. Heck.

My daughter is obsessed, and is making NO plans this Saturday as cast from the movie are participating in the "Disney Games."

And funny, we were watching Grease this weekend when my 6 yr old asked me, "What's a hooker?" after the drop out song...I acted like I was half asleep and said, "Huh? I dunno." remembering full well a 6 yr. old self wondering the same damn thing.

» 6/07/2006 5:27 AM 
Blogger Vajana commented:

oh..and Joana? don't know but I do not appreciate her having all the same letters of my own name. Too close for comfort thank you. I encourage you to continue masticating as often as possible.

» 6/07/2006 5:31 AM 

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